How to Find Business Class Travel for Less


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Traveling for your job can be exhausting especially if you need to ready to head straight work after you land. Booking a flight with Business Class benefits will help alleviate a lot of travel stress. While not as luxurious as First Class, Business Class often has more leg room and better food service than coach. Some airlines provide seats that fully recline which are a great benefit for long international flights. The benefits vary from airline to airline so when booking, check for the details when looking for business class travel for less.

The fares will be higher than coach and less than first class. If possible, check different departure or arrival dates because there can be cost savings. Try to book a flight at least two weeks before the departure to maximize lower rates. Booking close to the departure date will result in higher fares. Flexibility with departure and/or arrival dates can have a big impact on the overall fare paid.

Use the internet and the many travel websites to your advantage. Did you know that there are four databases that support the global airfare market? These are Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo and Amadeus. Check the websites you use for travel and see if it discloses which system is used on the back end of the webpage. Locate sites so that you can check prices from all four of the listed databases. Compare these with pricing on the airline’s own website to find the best fare.

Pay attention to which airports the flight plan departs from, stops at, or lands at for the final destination. Large, hub airports will provide lower fares overall than flying through smaller airports. Hub airports vary from airline to airline so it is worth researching to find airlines with hub airports along routes you may travel frequently. When booking international flights, look for smaller airlines based in a destination country rather than a major US carrier. Smaller airlines can cost up to 60% less than major carriers.

Other ways that business class travel for less can be achieved is to look at whether having a business class ticket will make you exempt from extra fees for checked baggage, headphones, or movie viewing. Compare the additional costs paid with a seemingly cheaper coach ticket with a business class ticket that allows free checked luggage, food, or more space to stretch out in flight. Sometimes physical space is worth the extra money.

If you travel often for business or leisure, always join mileage clubs and/or carry a credit card that accumulates mileage points. It is possible to buy a coach ticket and use miles to upgrade. Also, you can take chance on buying a coach ticket and check in on the cost of upgrading the day before or when checking in. Prices go down for upgrades the closer you get to departure.

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