8 Golden Rules of Proper Bar Etiquette



Everyone likes to party and go out to a bar once in a while. Hanging out with your friends and getting your drink on is fun for lots of individuals, but still there are many individuals who start behaving like hooligans after getting high. When you are outside your home, you have to behave in a certain way so that others feel comfortable hanging out with you. That behavior in any bar is known as bar etiquette.

When you are in a posh bar, you need to behave in a certain way, order drinks in a certain way, dance in a certain way and speak in a certain way. These ways are easy to implement and would keep you out of trouble. Whether you are at Lord of the Drinks or My Bar CP or any other bar, here are 8 rules that should be followed at a bar:

  1. Always Be Polite: When you are in a bar, you never know who is hammered and who isn’t. People easily get offended and it is very difficult to control a bar brawl if it breaks out. Especially when you are out with girls, you should not try to be a hotshot and pick up a fight!
  2. Order Drinks at Once: Don’t order another drink every time the bartender gives you the previous drink. If you have multiple orders, make sure to collectively give them to the bartender or else you would be holding up the bartender from other customers. Once the bartender comes with your drinks, you should be ready with the money and not take it out of your wallet after he hands you the drinks. You also need to keep in mind to explain to the bartender about the desired modification of drinks properly.
  3. Do Not Order from the Section of the Bar for Cocktail Waitresses: Many clubs have a section of a bar that is reserved for cocktail waitresses so that they can quickly get the drinks that are to be served to the customers. Even if the bar is a bit busy, you should wait for your turn and then order your drink rather than crowding this section.
  4. Do Not Cut in Line for Anything: This point is important. Even if you just want water from the bar, never cut in line. It is highly likely that the customers behind you would mind it and might even question you or push you out of the line. It is an invitation for a conflict, so don’t do it at any cost.
  5. Don’t Ask the Bartender to Store Stuff at the Back of the Bar: It is understandable that you might want your jacket or watch or something, which you accidently brought in with you to be kept at a safe place, but the bartender wouldn’t take the responsibility for your stuff and there is no way that he can do so either. Therefore, go and keep all the extra stuff back in your car.
  6. Don’t Be Over-Smart and Start Acting Like the Bartender: You might have read online or in your app about some new cocktail and want the bartender to make it for you. You can do this when the bar isn’t jam packed and not when the place is busy. Let the bartender do his job. Don’t try to act over-smart by telling him which drink to put in what quantity.
  7. After-Hour Drinks Are Illegal, So Don’t Ask for Them Either: Once the bar closes, serving drinks is illegal. Even if you feel that you would tip more if the bartender serves you after hours, know that the bartender won’t do it as it would put his job at risk.
  8. Don’t Go Behind the Bar: You are a customer and you shouldn’t go behind the bar. It is like going behind the cashier’s desk at a retail store. Therefore, don’t do this or you could get arrested.

With these etiquettes, you can be a pro at bar etiquettes. Go ahead and enjoy partying at your favorite bar.

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